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Mantra Pushpanjali

The “Mantra Pushpanjali” ( mantrapushpanjali ) is a popular prayer in India, it is the unique prayer of the Hindus. The meaning of Mantra Pushpanjali is “to offer flowers in the form of mantra”. The word Mantrapushpanjali (Mantra Pushpanjali) is made up of three elements Mantra¬† Means incantation Pushpa Means Flower Anjali¬† Means a bowl-shaped…
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Mangalashtak Lyrics

This article is going to provide information about Mangalashtak lyrics. Mangalashtak is a prayer sung during marriage especially Marathi vivah.  This  prayer is also sung during the Tulsi Vivah – Tulsi Puja. It is chanted during the marriage between the Tulsi plant and the Shaligram stone. Mangalashtak literally means auspicious prayer containing eight stanzas. Mangalashtak…
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