Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

This article is gives a brief explanation about  Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier. Azure cosmos db is a non relational database( No SQL database). It automatically scales the resources like storage and compute.

Before explaining about Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier. We should know  few concepts in azure such as throughput, Request Unit

What is Request Unit ??

In Cosmos Database every db operation is measured in terms of  RU ( request unit). Take an example suppose you want to read 1kb of  data in cosmos db then it required 1 Request Unit (RU) to complete this operation..

What is throughput ??

The number of  RU required in one second to complete any operation in database know as cosmos db throughput 

Azure provides free cosmos db access with an 400 RU/sec throughput for only the single subscription and  single database in an account.

Explanation about Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier  :

  • Azure provides up to 400 RU/sec free usage for only one subscription, in that only one database.
  • If you perform any database operation which  crosses  400 RU in one second then it will  charge you.
  • Generally Db operation means CRUD operations like create , read, update & delete documents.

Steps to create to create Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

  1. Login into azure portal and you should have at least one subscription( either free subscription or paid subscription
  2. Select Azure Cosmos DB resource.

3. Select Add option for new Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier

4. Please fill all details and make sure apply free tier option should be apply mode.

Azure Cosmos DB Free Tier1

5. Finally Review and Create the form.

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