Japji Sahib Pdf In Hindi

Japji Sahib Pdf In Hindi

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Japji Sahib Lyrics In Hindi

Japji Sahib Path In Hindi


Japji Sahib Hindi Pdf Download

Japji Sahib Hindi Pdf

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The first stanza or pauri of Japji Sahib states that one cannot be cleansed or keep clean by repeatedly bathing in holy places because thoughts are not clean, by silence alone one cannot find peace because the thoughts come one after the other in our spirit, by the food and all the material gains alone cannot satisfy its hunger, to be purified, it is necessary to remain in the love of the divine.  Hymn 2 affirms that by the command of God the ups and downs of life occur, it is He who causes suffering and happiness, it is He whose command brings liberation from rebirth. , and it is His command that one lives in perpetual cycles of rebirth of karma. .

With good karmas in the past life and his grace is the door of mukti (liberation); in him is all, states verse 4.  Verse 5 states that he has infinite virtues, therefore one should sing his name, listen and keep the love for him in his heart. The shabda (word) of the Guru is the protective sound and wisdom of the Vedas, the Guru is Shiva, Vishnu (Gorakh) and Brahma, and the Guru is the mother Parvati and Lakshmi.  All living beings abide in Him. Verses 6 to 15 describe the value of hearing the word and having faith, for it is faith that sets you free.God is without form and indescribable, state verses 16 to 19.It is remembering his name that cleanses, frees the states of hymn 20. Hymns 21 to 27 venerate nature and name of God, declaring that the life of man is like a river which does not know the immensity of the ocean which it travels to reach, that all the literature from The Vedas to the Puranas speak of Him, Brahma speaks, the Siddhas speak, Yogi speaks, Shiva speaks, the silent sages speak, the Buddha speaks, the Krishna speaks, the humble Sewadars speak, but one cannot describe Him completely with all the words in the world. 

Verse 30 states that he looks at everything, but no one can see him. God is the primal, the pure light, without beginning, without end, the constant that never changes, declares Hymn

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Japji Sahib Pdf In Hindi

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