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  • Top Trending Life Quotes in Kannada (Kannada version)
  • Best Quotes on Life in Kannada ( English Version)
  • Kannada Quotes About Life (Kannada Version)
  • Kannada Quotes on Life (English Version)

Top Trending Life Quotes in Kannada

Top Trending Life Quotes in Kannada 

Life Quotes in Kannada
Quotes on Life in Kannada
Kannada Quotes About Life

Best Quotes on Life in Kannada ( English Version)

Best Quotes on Life in Kannada  in English Languages

  • “I think
    I play the role
    of dustbin
    in your life,
    Just being used constantly..”


  • “Death is amazing and strange. Amazing because of its power and strange because of its occurrence.”


  • “Life: What was the worst moment happen in your past?                                       Me: We met then we never met”


  • “To grow see above you,
    To be grateful, see below you. “


  • “Music is just like food of our soul. When you eat food you don’t ask why, Because you know it is basic of life.”


  • “Sometimes , always smiling face and loving heart is an art inherited by experienced soul♥…”


  • “Be the unique version of Yourself!! It’s the Best gift you could ever give to your Life….”


  • “Even today My heart beat rushes same by feeling ur presence……. Our memories linger in my thoughts with unspoken mysteries, where I am waiting for our tomorrow, alone, makes no sense………”


  • “We fell in love, the day we met up.. Where u said goodbye saying u loved me enough… That decent melodrama was deeper, I conserved our love scenario being a keeper…..”


  • “I never hate humans but I always hate devils inside humans.”


  • “When your Pain gave you Sleepless Nights Why not your Passion!!! Awake! Arise! For its “your” time…”

Kannada Quotes About Life (Kannada Version)

Kannada Quotes About Life (Kannada Version)

Life Quotes in Kannada English

Kannada Quotes on Life (English Version)

Kannada Quotes on Life (English Version)

  • It’s not just “What We Live”
    It’s about “What we Leave”


  • “Life is not a theorem that you need to prove it not waste your energy and time on explaining fools..they aint gonna understand you any how your energy for better purpose and person ..stay positive ..ignite the zeal to be the better version and person than prior day”


  • “….I saw Thrones on which were seated those, who had been given authority to judge, And on the Altar of Satan ,the down is Up , the darkness is Radiance ,pleasure is Persecution and madness is Sanity… The throne of the Fiend is Loyal and Sterling, ….He was a murderer from the dawn,and the satan is unkind,your inner insanity of him Prowls like a roaring Lion looking for someone to devour…. Glorify your Fathers’ divinity and listen to the intellect he conferred ….because We Evils don’t betray in maintaining the Dynamics”


  • “Dealing with Oneself is the Greatest Art of Life….”


  • “….The Sporadic Flair of Prophecy shall be bestowed upon Him and shall Decipher all mysteries and Philosophy of the Heavens……. Thy Foes shall be Resilient as mountain, but He shall have the will to move it not by Brawn but by Love and Enlightenment …… He shall not be another slave -soldier ………As He s strong as Thou art ……”


  • ” Farewell Inducted by the Lord of all grace, your sublunary mannequin will decay but your spirit lives on to His eternal glory in the Promised Land….. ……The voices uttered for him …O ‘ virtuous, blessed thou deeds will follow for thy achieving imperishable grandeur. The righteous perish,the devout are taken to be spared from evil,he walked uprightly to the Celestial Sphere. on the path of NIRVANA…….Amen.”


  • “I feel as dry as the drought stricken land. I feel as bloated as the monsoon winds. I feel completely incomplete. I feel like an oxymoron.”


  • “Life: What was the worst moment happen in your past? Me: We met then we never met”


  • “Life is just a dash in between birth and death fill it with your all courage.”


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