Mahurgad Renuka Devi

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple in Maharashtra is a very famous Hindu temple, where lakhs of devotees visit each year to get her blessings. Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple also known as Mahur Renuka Devi Temple. Mahur / Mahrgad  is a religious place in Maharashtra.

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Timings

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Timings / Mahur Renuka Devi Temple Timings

6.00 AM – 9.00 PM
6.00 AM – 9.00 PM
6.00 AM – 9.00 PM
6.00 AM – 9.00 PM
6.00 AM – 9.00 PM
6.00 AM – 9.00 PM
6.00 AM – 9.00 PM

About Mahurgad Renuka Devi

About Mahurgad Renuka Devi :

Devi renuka is also known as Yellamma, the mother of the universe or Jagdamba. Yellamma is an incarnation of Kali that symbolizes the destruction of the ego, and also, compassion for the children. Mahurgad is the birthplace of Renuka. Anusaya and Kalika are one of the many Mahurgad temples, but the most important of all is the Devi Renuka Temple. The temple is well served for access, the easiest way to get there is by road, and there are flights and trains also available. The entire temple is surrounded by dense jungles. The Shakti Peethas of Maharashtra are the first is the Tuljapur demonstrating Bhavani, second is the Kolhapur demonstrating Mahalakshmi, third is the Mahur demonstrating Mahamaya, and half is Renuka & Saptshringi demonstrating Jagadamba. There are other temples that exist in Mahurgad, including Kalika Temple and Anusaya Temple. The most famous is the Renuka Devi Temple.

Shakti Peetha :

It is believed that Renuka Mata was beheaded by her own son Parashurama and her head fell here. Renuka was then given rebirth as a boon by Sage Jamadagni to his son Parashurama. The temple is considered a Shakti Peetha because of the mythology of Daksha Yaga and the self-immolation of Sati.

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple Architecture

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple is located on top of a hill with caves around. Nearly 250 to 300 steps must be climbed to reach the temple. There are shrines of Dattatreya Lord and Lord  Parashuram in the surrounding area. Mahurgad Renuka Devi is adorned with various gold ornaments such as gold flower earrings, gold garlands, nose rings, etc.

How to Reach

How to reach mahur renuka devi ??

By Air: – the nearest airport is Nagpur which is 200 km from Mahur Renuka Devi 

By Road: – Mumbai – Ahmednagar – Paithan – Jalan – Washim – Pusad – Mahur, 717 kms. Mahurgad – Kinwat, 50 kms.

By Train: – The nearest station is Kinwat at 50 km, but Nanded is the most convenient station on the South Central Railway which is 126 km from Mahurgad Renuka Devi

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple Facts / Mythology

Mahurgad Renuka Devi temple is in the jungle and has a central dome that is red in color and stands on pillars that are white above and similarly red at the bottom. There is an open space around the structure. There are provisions for accommodation for which visitors are charged at a nominal rate, which encourages people from outside to visit the temple and nearby places. People have a strong belief in the goddess Devi Renuka and mark a fundamental reason for the existence of the temple even after so long. “It is always recommended to visit this place once in a lifetime.” Mahurgad, at Devi Bhagawatam known as Matripura, would be a famous pilgrimage center, also at Shrimad Bhagwad gita, Mahurgad, it is said to be a place of worship According to a legend, King Sahasrarjuna (also known as Kartavirya Arjuna) wanted the Kamdhenu cow from Jamadagni and Renuka by killing Jamadagni, and Renuka became sati with Jamadagni at Mahurgadh.

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple other Info

Mahur Renuka Devi Temple steps : There are around 250 to 300 steps must be climbed to reach the temple.

Mahur Renuka Devi Temple Address :



     Maharashtra 431721.

Mahur Renuka Devi Temple Phone Number (contact Number) 

91 2460268403

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Rituals

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple Rituals :

The priests performs various poojas to the idol. Devotees are allowed to do aarti by themselves at Renuka Devi Temple.

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Temple Special Rituals :

On the day of Dasara, every year, a very big fair is organized in honor of Renukadevi.

Mahur Renuka Devi

Mahurgad Renuka Devi Story

Mahur Renuka Devi Story / Mahurgad Renuka Devi  Story / Renuka Yellamma Story :

Renuka Yellamma and Jamdagni Muni lived in the Ramshrung Mountains, near the current day of Savadatti in the Belgaum district. Renuka Yellamma helped the Jamdagni Muni in all his tasks related to the execution of various rituals and puja. Gradually she became very close and dear to Jamdagni.

After a while, Renuka Yellamma gave birth to five sons, namely Vasu, Viswavasu, Brihudyanu, Brutwakanwa, and Rama Bhadra. The youngest son Ramabhadra is an incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, later known as Parashurama. Parashurama was a powerful champion mastering all sciences. He did an immense penance for Lord Shiva and bought an ax from Maha Parashu. Then he is called Parashurama.

Renuka Yellamma Early Life :

Every day, Devi Renuka  went to fetch water from a nearby river and this water was used for sacred rituals. Through her dedication to her husband and her ideality, Renuka was able to make pots out of dry sand. She makes a fresh pot of sand every day at the riverbed and wore it on her head swaying with a black cobra.

One fine morning, while Renuka Devi was heading towards the river to bring water by means of sandpots. After making pots, she entered the river to pour water.
In the water, she found the shadow of the Gandharva couple in prey to sexual games. Renuka woke up seeing this concentration lost and his sandpot on his head was broken. she tried to make a new pot but the sand became piles and she was unable to finish it. She tried to catch Adhiseshu but she can not even catch him as this snake started to fly. She learned the reason for these things and went to the hermitage empty-handed. Seeing Renuka arrive empty-handed, Jamadhagni learned what had happened and cursed her for having a terrible skin disease. She curses her for the protection of all the Panchabhuthas. He also asked her to leave the hermitage and not be in his eyes.

Punishment and Resurrection :
Jamadagni was furious with Renuka and ordered his sons to punish their mother. One by one, four of them categorically refused. Jamadagni, who had the power to burn anyone in one glance, went mad and turned the four of his sons into ashes. Parashurama, who was not there when it happened, found her mother crying near the piles of ash when she arrived and her father was still angry. Jamadagni told him what happened and ordered him to behead his mother for his unfaithfulness. Parashurama had to think quickly. Knowing his father’s powers and the extent of his anger, Parashurama immediately obeyed his father, using his axe.

His father then offered a bargain to Parashurama, who asked that his mother and brothers be brought back to life. To everyone’s surprise, Renuka’s spirit multiplied and moved to different regions. Renuka was back as a whole too. This miracle led her sons and others to become her disciples and to worship her.

Mahur renuka devi aarti lyrics

Mahur Renuka Devi aarti lyrics or Mahurgad Renuka Devi aarti lyrics

Mahurgad renuka devi Location

Frequently Asked Questions

Mahur renuka devi Nearest railway station ??

The nearest station is Kinwat which is 50 km, but Nanded is the most convenient station on the South Central Railway which is 126 km from Mahurgad Renuka Devi

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