Mallanna Charitra

Komrelly Mallanna Temple

Mallanna Charitra is about, Mallanna married goddess Medallamma by facing conditions which are put up by her siblings. Actually, there is no written script exist, the story is sung in the form of “Oggu Katha“.

Oggu Charitra is a traditional folklore singing, narrating the stories of god. some of the Oggu Katha’s Mallanna Charitra, Beerappa Charita, and Yellamma Charitra. Mallanna Charitra is also known as Mallanna Oggu Katha.

Mallanna Oggu Katha

Mallanna Charitra

Mallanna Charitra – Videos Based Story

Actually, there is no written Script available on Komuravelli Mallanna Swamy. This story (Mallanna Charitra) is based on some of the Oggu Katha’s narrated by traditional folklore.

The Story as Follows :

Mallanna wants to marry Medallamma, but her brothers impose on her being Bandari (“Pasupu Kommulu” who are in the hands of Haseen and Hussain in Macca Masjid).
Komuravelli Mallanna Swamy, looking for a Bandari, approaches Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva directed him to Lord Ganesha. Mallanna goes to Lord Ganesh’s home and asks him questions about Bandari. Lord Ganesha tells him that Mallanna’s sister, “Yellamma,” knows how to get it.
Then Komuravelli Mallanna goes to Yellamma’s home and asks her about Bandari. Yellamma says it’s Macca Masjid. Mallanna is preparing to go to Macca Masjid but his sister “Yellamma” warns him that Macca is so far from here and that there is a lot of power there, it is very difficult to beat them. They kept these things in a secret place that no one knows. Whoever went there, they did not return. Listening to this Mallanna praying for the gods, they gave him a flying horse. With this horse, Mallanna goes to Macca Masjid. Before entering Macca he takes his horse out of the Macca. He joins Malku Malloji as he likes to talk, maybe he spends so many days, maybe years. He wins their faith and the Muslims believe him completely. They tell him the identity of Bandari. He goes to where he is. A five-headed snake protects him. One day he took his Bandari and tried to escape, but he did not stop there. Mallanna escapes under the disguise of a black dog although pursued by the duo (Haseen and Hussain) to the banks of the Gang. Goddess Ganga loses her right hand after clashing with the duo. Mallanna displays a stick as a symbol of her hand and decides to observe a ritual every year in memory of the goddess Ganga. Then he returns to his hometown with the help of a celestial horse. He gives a part of Bandari to Yellamma and finally, he gets married to Medalamma.

Komrelly Mallanna Temple

Komuravelli Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple is also known as Komuravelli Mallanna Temple. It is located on a hill in Komuravelli village of Siddipet district in Telangana state and 85 km from Hyderabad.

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