Mangalashtak Lyrics

This article is going to provide information about Mangalashtak lyrics. Mangalashtak is a prayer sung during marriage especially Marathi vivah.  This  prayer is also sung during the Tulsi Vivah – Tulsi Puja. It is chanted during the marriage between the Tulsi plant and the Shaligram stone.

Mangalashtak literally means auspicious prayer containing eight stanzas.


Mangalashtak Marathi Lyrics

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Who can sing the prayer?

Anyone chants prayer. It must be sung with a body and mind. You must not have an angry spirit while singing it.

What is mangalashtak ?

Mangalashtak is a one form of marriage ceremony in Maharashtra.

It always starts with the Aṣṭavināyaka Vandana, which is as follows:

Svasti Śrī Gaṇanāyakam Gajāmukham Moreśvara Siddhidam Ballalam Murudum
Vināyaka Maham Cintamanim Thevaram | Lenyadrim Girijātmājam Suvaradam
Vighneśvara Ojhāram Grāme Ranjananamake Gaṇapatiḥ
Kūryāt Sadā Maṅgalaṃ

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