Narayana Suktam

Narayana Suktam in English

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Narayana Suktam Lyrics

Narayana Suktam Lyrics

Narayana Suktam
Narayana Suktam Lyrics
Narayana Suktam PDF

Narayana Suktam PDF Download

Narayana Suktam PDF

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The Narayana Sukta or Narayana Suktam is a hymn in Yajurveda. Some commentators see it as a mystical appendix to the Purusha sukta. Narayana, in Hinduism, is considered to be a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand limbs and this hymn is sung to worship Narayana, the universal Self which is identified with the Trimurti, the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Narayana  is known as one who is in yogic sleep on the heavenly waters, with reference to Lord Maha Vishnu. He is also known as Purushottama and is considered the supreme being in Vaishnavism.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, he is also the “Guru of the Universe”. The Bhagavata Purana declares Narayana as the supreme personality of the deity who engages in the creation of 14 worlds in the universe as Brahma when he deliberately accepts rajas guna, himself supports, maintains and preserves the universe as than Vishnu by accepting sattva guna. Narayana himself annihilates the universe at the end of the maha-kalpa as Kalagni Rudra when he accepts tamas guna. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Purusha Sukta, Narayana Sukta and Narayana Upanishad of the Vedas, he is the ultimate soul.

According to Madhvacharya, Narayana is one of the five Vyuhas of Vishnu, which are cosmic emanations of God as opposed to his embodied avatars. Bryant, Edwin F., Krishna: a source book. p.359 “Madhvacharya separates the manifestations of Vishnu into two groups: the vyuhas of Vishnu (emanations) and his avataras (incarnations). The Vyuhas have their basis in the Pancharatras, a sectarian text which has been accepted as authoritative by schools Vishishtadvaita and Dvaita of Vedanta. These are mechanisms by which the universe is ordered, created and evolved. According to Madhvacharya, Vishnu has five vyuhas, named Narayana, Vasudeva, Sankarshana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha, which evolve one after another in the development of the universe.


This article Provides Narayana Suktam Lyrics along with PDF download feature.

Narayana Suktam

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