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Pambummekkattu Mana temple is popularly Known as Pambummekkattu temple , located in Vadama near the town of Mala, Mukundapuram Taluk in the Thrissur district, Kerala. It is believed that the divine presence of  “Nagayakshi” and “Vasuki”  is present in the “Kizhakkini” of Pambummekkattu Mana. Pambummekkattu  temple covers six acres of land with five sarpakavu. The Mekkattu Namboodiri has also treated foreigners, but now, because of advances in medical science, people rarely come to claim it.

Pambummekkattu Temple Timings

Pambummekkattu temple timings and access to mana. 

  • Access to mana is the 1st day of every Malayalam month, with the exception of Mithunam, Karkidakam and Chingam.
  • The last day of Karkidakam.
  • In May. From Meenathil Thiruvanam to Bharani.
  • All the devotees of Madame ten and all the devotees will have access to all the kavas mangas.
  • It is open from 9 AM to 5 PM (.Pambummekkattu temple darshan timings)
  • Only on special days can all the Devotees enter the temple to obtain the blessings of Nagaraja. On ordinary days, only high-caste worshipers are allowed to enter the temple. On special occasions, each devotee must dive into the pond and must enter with wet clothing and body.

Pambummekkattu Temple Dress Code

Pambummekkattu Mana allows Indian Traditional Dress Wear:

Dress Code For Men : Dhoti, Lungi, etc..

Dress Code For Women : Saree, Half Saree, Chudidar etc

Pambummekkattu Temple Route Map

pambummekkattu temple route map / pambummekkattu temple location

About The Temple

The oldest member of the family is the leader of the Mana members who covered a teenager have administrative power. A trust is formed and each trustee will be administered for one year. Mantras and rituals are transmitted orally from one generation to the next. Family members are required to follow the rules. Devotees must strictly follow the instructions of the administrator. When something affects the sacredness of places, poojas (rituals) will only be restarted after “Punyaham” (cleansing). When this occurs, snakes are seen in the drainage ditch, indicating an impurity.

On the 1st of Malayalam month “Vrischikam” (November 17th) of the Keralite calendar, many faithful of Sabarimala Ayyappa go to Pambummekkattu temple to obtain the blessing of the gods of the Serpent. “Noorum Palum” (food and milk) offers to the snakes on that day. The oil of “Kedavilakku” is used as medicine for the treatment of skin diseases, probably due to the fury of snakes. The sanctum sanctorum of “Nagaraja Vasuki” and Nagayakshi is in the Kizhakkini of a Nalukettu. There is no idol in the sanctum sanctorum of Pampumekkattu temple. In its place, there is always an oil lamp (Kedavilakku). The prasadam given to devotees is the oil of the lamp. Prasadam oil has the power to cure diseases caused by the curse of snakes. Besides Noorum Palum, the other main offering to the snake gods is Kadali Pazham. In the central courtyard of Pambummekkattu temple  is the sanctuary of Bhadrakali.


Once upon a time, the people of Mekkattu Mana were miserable because of extreme poverty. To alleviate poverty, a family member went to Thiruvanchikulam Temple, where they meditated for 12 consecutive years. One of the Namboodiri met a strange man, who stood near a pond in the temple. Although his identity was not revealed, the Namboodiri predicted the man’s unusual divine power and asked for the unique ring that the man wore on his fingers. The man gave a ring and disappeared.

                    Once again, he met the same man the next day, in the same pond. When asked to reveal his identity, he said he was Vasuki, the god of snakes. He wanted to fulfill the wish of the godly Namboodhiri and asked him. Immediately, the Namboodirire asked for Vasuki’s presence in his Mekkattu mana, in order to bless prosperity.

With the blessings of the serpent god, the namboodiri returned to the Mekkattu mana, where he went for a bath, leaving a traditional umbrella made of palm leaves on the shore. When he came back, there was a snake on the umbrella and took the form of Vasuki and said that Nagayakshi, the serpent goddess would reach the place. As mentioned, Nagayakshi and Vasuki appeared before him and ordered him to set up idols to pray as deities of the family. On top of that, 2 lights always on with daily rituals had to be added to please them. Since then, Mekkattu’s mana has been called Pambumekkattu’s mana.

Although they live with thousands of snakes, the family of Pambummekkattu Mana is not bitten by snakes and even if it does, venom does not affect them, but strangely, it affects them. Another surprise is that family members are working to save the affected snakes.To treat the skin diseases caused by furious snakes, the faithful use the oil contained in the lamp always on or the eye drops that forms during the burning of the wick. Strict practices are required to use the oil.

Contact Details:

  • Pambummekkattu Temple contact number / Pambummekkattu Temple Phone number  are +91-480-2890453, +91-480-2890473, +91-480-2899495.
  • Postal Address : Pambummekkattu Mana temple , Vadama, Mala, Thrissur District, Kerala, PIN – 680 736.

Pambummekkattu Temple Pooja’s

Sarpabali Pooja , Kadalipazha Nivedyam, Kootupayasam, Manjalpodi Charthal, Palpayasam,   Vilakkuvekkal, Noorum Palum, Payasa Homam, Naga Prathishta, Pushpanjali, Abhishekamv, Malakku, Prathima Pooja,  Thulabharamv, Annaprasham, Ayilya Pooja ,Vella Nivedyam and Rahu Pooja.


The oil of the lamp and the eye drops formed by a burned wick are given as drugs for the treatment of skin diseases caused by snake rabies. The oil contained in the “Kedavilakku” preserved in the “Kizhakkini” – where Vasuki and Nagayakshi are placed – is given under the name of Prasadam. There are strict methods to use this oil

How to Reach ??

By Train:

The nearest train station is 10 km away in Chalakudy.

By Road:

Devotees can reach here by road from any part of Kerala. Believers can take the Thrice-Mala road; 2.5 km north of Mala is the Meikkattu Mana, west of the main road. The name of the bus stop itself is Mekkattu Junction. The disatnce between From Mala to Vadama 1.5 km and distance from Vadama to Pampumekkattu Mana is 1 km


Festivals or Special Days

  • First of the month of Vrishchikam (mid-November) – Festival
  • Ayilyam in the month of Kanni (mid-September to mid-October).
  • From Thiruvonam to Bharani in Meenam (mid-March to mid-April).
  • Tenth of the month of Medam (mid-April).

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