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The full form (PAN) is  Permanent Account Number,  is a ten-character alphanumeric identifier, issued in the form of a laminated “PAN card”, by the Indian Department of Income Taxation, to any “person” who requests it or to whom the department assigns the number without request. It can also be obtained as a pdf if the user does not wish to obtain it physically.

A PAN is a unique identifier issued to all identifiable judicial entities under the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961. The Income Tax PAN and its associated card are issued under Section 139A of the Income Tax Act. It is issued by the Indian Department of Income Taxes under the supervision of the Central Commission of Direct Taxes (CBDT) and also serves as important proof of identity.

It is also issued to foreign nationals (such as investors) subject to a valid visa, and therefore a PAN card is not acceptable as proof of Indian citizenship. A PAN is required to file income tax returns.

Pan Card Form Pdf Download – 49 A

Pan Card Application Form Pdf 2020 -49A

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Pan Card Form Pdf Download – 49 AA

Pan Card Application Form Pdf 2020 – 49AA

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The PAN (or PAN number) is a unique alphanumeric identifier of ten characters.

The structure of the PAN is as follows: Fourth character [P – Individual or Person] Example: AAAPZ1234C

The first five characters are letters (uppercase by default), followed by four digits, and the last (tenth) character is a letter.
The first three characters of the code are three letters forming a series of letters of the alphabet from AAA to ZZZ
The fourth character identifies the type of cardholder. Each type of holder is uniquely defined by a letter from the list below:
A – Association of people (AOP)
B – Body of individuals (BOI)
C – Company
F – Company
G – Government
H – HUF [Hindu undivided family | Hindu undivided family]
L – Local authority
J – Artificial legal person
P – Individual or Person
T – Confidence (PDO)
The fifth character of PAN is the first character of:
name or surname of the person, in the case of a “personal” PAN card, where the fourth character is “P” or
the name of the entity, trust, company or organization in the case of a company / HUF / enterprise / AOP / trust / BOI / local authority / artificial judicial person / government, where the fourth character is “C”, “H”, “F”, “A”, “T”, “B”, “L”, “J”, “G”.
The last (tenth) character is an alphabetic number used as a checksum to verify the validity of this current code.

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