Sarpabali Pooja

Sarpabali Pooja is one of the Hindu worship ritual of Lord Nagaraja on Ashlesha nakshatra or star Ayyilyam. Sarpa Bali is mainly performs to appease Ashta Nagas and ward off the evil effects of Dhristi Dosha and Sarpa Dosha . Pooja also helps to get rid of skin problems /Diseases. It is believed that offering Sarpabali poojas in snake temples helps to find suitable life partners for unmarried girls / unmarried boys; offspring for those with pregnancy problems; get rid of incurable diseases.

According to ancient writings, Nagas’ dissatisfaction will lead to skin diseases, incurable diseases, late marriages, prompt abortions, late pregnancies, eye diseases, births or defective children and conflicts between members of the family. family. The dissatisfaction of the Nagas is due to the destruction of Sarpa Kavu (meaning “dwelling of serpents”) in many old families. Practicing the Sarpabali ritual with devotion is the best remedy for the aforementioned problems.

Sarpabali Pooja Cost

There are lot of temples performs Sarpabali Pooja rituals. one of the famous temple is Pambummekkattu Temple (Pampumekat Mana ), the temple is located in Vadama, a village around 11 km from Chalakkudy in the Thrissur district. This Temple performs Sarpabali Pooja.

 Sarpabali Pooja Cost in  Pambummekkattu is around 1500 Rs.

Sarpabali Pooja Benefits

The devotees believes that the following are the Sarpabali pooja Benefits :

  • Get rid of incurable Diseases
  • Resolves the marriage problems
  • Resolves the pregnancy problems

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