Virtaul Machine in Azure

This article is about Virtual machine in Azure. We are providing the detail information  about Virtual machine services

  • Virtual machine service allows you to deploy virtual machine on the azure platform. The benefits of the virtual machine service is that the underlying infrastructure is completely  managed by azure.
  • What do you mean  Underlying Infrastructure??
    Underlying Infrastructure means physical server, storage,  networking devices, hardware etc . If you`r start  using azure VM Service ( Virtual machine services) then you don’t need  to buy this Infrastructure. Azure will take care everything this things.
  • You can create and delete VM (vitual machine) at any point of time. Another advantage of Azure VM is you can use VM as pay as you model which you can only pay what you can consume. If you don’t need these service, you can turn off at any time

Steps to  Creating Virtual Machine In Azure


  • You must have Microsoft Account
  • You must azure subscription

Perform following steps to create a VM


  1. Login into Azure portal
  2. Add new Resource called Azure Virtual Machine
  3. Fill the all required fields like subscription, Resource Group, Name, Image,  Region, username, password, inbound rules and soon
  4. once fill the all required fields then click on Review and Create option. 

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